Affordable Ohio Divorce or Dissolution

Columbus Area Divorce Lawyer

It’s not necessary to hand your life savings over to a lawyer in order to get a divorce or dissolution of marriage so you can move on with your life. And you don’t have to go the route of a do-it-yourself divorce to save money. You CAN get the legal help you need while still keeping your costs down.

I’m Jeff Buskirk, a divorce attorney in Grove City, Ohio, just outside Columbus. I help couples with a basic level of agreement about their divorce get their divorce accomplished

  • Quickly, often within 50 days
  • Inexpensively, for as little as $495.00 plus court fees and administrative costs
  • Privately, with a traveling judge that holds the hearing in the attorney’s office
  • Completely, taking into consideration division of property, child custody, child support, and spousal support.

Contact my Grove City law office to schedule a free initial consultation. I can help you move ahead with your life while still keeping your money in your pocket.

What Are Uncontested Divorce and Dissolution?

This means that both parties have agreed that they want to get divorced, and usually they agree on many of the outcomes they want in their divorce agreement.

Do We Have to Agree on Everything?

Not in the beginning. I recommend mediation for couples who need help reaching agreement in property division and child custody.

What’s Involved in an Uncontested Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage at the Law Office of Jeffrey Buskirk?

  • I prepare your initial petition for dissolution of marriage or complaint for divorce
  • I work with you to develop and document the details of your divorce: property division, child custody, child support and spousal support agreements
  • I prepare your final divorce or dissolution paperwork
  • I arrange for a private judge and a hearing in my law office

What if We Can’t Agree and We Have to Go to Court?

I am prepared to help my family law clients with whatever service their case requires. I handle contested divorces as well as modification of child support orders and modification of child custody orders. I do any and all post-decree work required to ensure you receive the property and assets you’re due.

Save the trip downtown. Work with a friendly, responsive Columbus divorce attorney with 20 years of experience. Call or e-mail my office at (614) 808-4449 to begin the next phase of your life.