Choosing a Disability Lawyer In Ohio

Choosing a Disability Lawyer in Ohio and Franklin County.  Choosing a disability lawyer can be scary.  Your finances are at stake.  You may never have gone to a lawyer. Lawyers may make you uncomfortable.   If you follow these simple recommendations,   the selection process may feel less overwhelming.  First, you should hire a local lawyer.   If you hire an out-of-state firm,  you may never meet or talk to your lawyer until the day of the hearing.  If you cannot drive to your lawyer, you may never meet their staff.   The out-of-state firms may not personally know the local judges.   Secondly,  you should hire a lawyer that limits his practice to social security disability only.  Social security law is difficult.  The more experience a disability lawyer has, the better he will be. A lawyer that only does social security will have more knowledge to the judges. When choosing a disability layer in Ohio and Franklin County,  consider Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates.  Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates would be glad to help.   We have two full time disability  lawyers.  We are conveniently located on Route 62 in Grove City, Ohio. We serve all of Ohio.  Our clients come from Franklin County and  Columbus,  Ohio.  We have clients from all of the Columbus suburbs.  Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates works hard to satisfy clients.

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