Social Security Disability Reconsiderations and Hearings – SSDI and SSI Reconsiderations and Hearings

Social Security Disability Reconsiderations and Hearings – We can Help

Social Security Disability Reconsiderations and Hearings – SSDI and SSI Reconsideratins and Hearings.  Several steps are involved in applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  The same steps apply to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) applications. The goal is to obtain benefits for  clients as soon as possible. Our Grove City, Ohio attorneys  can  help you get disability benefits. We can assist with reconsideration and hearing appeals.

Request for Reconsideration

If your application has reached the reconsideration phase, you may feel discouraged. Do not let this stage upset you.  The majority of people are denied at this stage.  Our lawyers have 25 years of experience helping clients win reconsideration appeals. Maintaining accurate records  is a major factor in getting approval. To request a reconsideration, you have to provide a of all the medications you take. You must provide a list if  doctors you you have seen since your initial application. This can be a hassle. Many months could separate your application date and reconsideration date. We can request  your medical records.  We will submit them to social security for you.   We can help you through this stage.

Request for Disability Hearing

The request for hearing  is very important. With a disability hearing, you are able to address your medical and financial needs in person. While it gives your lawyers the opportunity to fight your claim, it also gives you the chance to speak on your behalf. Attending your hearing can help you influence the outcome.

Free Consultation

Social Security Reconsiderations and Hearings.  Do not let the reconsideration or disability hearing stages stop you from receiving the benefits you deserve. Our lawyers routinely assist clients throughout the application process. Our record-keeping and attention to SSA rules and regulations can help make the process run better for you. Our office provides free consultations.  You may contact us at 614-875-7220.  you may send us an e-mail. Our goal is to help you receive the best possible outcome from your application.