The Social Security Disability Application Process

We Walk You Through The Social Security Disability Application Process

The Social Security Disability Application Process.  The Social Security Disability Application Process (SSDI) can be complicated. Medical reports are required  from your doctor that clearly detail your disability.  Keeping these records in order and using them properly for the application can be time-consuming. Since 1989, attorneys with Jeffrey Buskirk & Associates have been helping make the application process run smoothly. We walk you through the application process — step by step. We start with your initial application and discuss your options.

Initial Application

The first step in the Social Security Application process is filling out an initial application. You can start the application process at your local SSA office. The application can be filed  on the Social Security Administration Web site.  You can also come to our office and we can assist you with the application process.

What Is on The Application?

The application is used to show that you have a medical or psychological impairment. It deals with your medical condition. It also details your employment history. To apply for SSDI benefits you will need accurate and comprehensive list of medical providers and employment information. You will need to disclose all of your doctors and the medications you are taking. You will need to provide the addresses and phone numbers of your doctors. In addition, you must provide the names and addresses for your employers for the last 15 years.

Getting The Information

There are two ways you can collect all of your information. You can contact all of your previous doctors and every medical facility that you have used over the years. And they can send you the records. The other option is to use a medical release form. With a medical release form, our attorneys can gather the information for you. Our Grove City, Ohio and Columbus, Oho area lawyers can help maintain thorough medical records throughout the application process.

We Can Help You Prove Your Claim

When filing for SSDI benefits, our attorneys can help you prove your claim. We start by collecting all of your medical records. We also help you get functional capacity reports from your doctors. These reports detail what you can and cannot do physically or mentally. After we have obtained medical records and functional capacity reports, we summarize your medical records and submit a brief to the SSA.

Free Consultation

Do you need help with your Social Security Disability Insurance claim? If so, please contact us at 614-875-7220 or send us an e-mail for a free consultation.  Our lawyers have been helping clients since 1989. We understand the complex filing process. We also know how to obtain medical records and fight for your right to benefits.