Process For Getting Social Security Disability (SSDI)

Getting social security disability (SSDI) can be difficult. Working with an illness can be difficult. You might wonder if getting social security disability (SSDI) is possible. If your are interested in getting social security disability (SSDI), you must meet certain criteria. A disability benefits applicant must be mentally or physically disabled with a condition that has lasted or is expected to last 12 months or more. Getting social security disability requires medical proof. Your disability must be considered medically determinable. That is a disability that doctors can describe. The medical disability is proved by the medical records. The medical records include physician notes, test results, and doctors’ statements. If you want to apply for disability, you can apply online, visit a social security office, or hire a lawyer. Apply Online You can apply online for social security disability. You will need the names and addresses of your medical treatment providers. Also, you will need the names and addresses of places worked. You will need a list of your medications. Social Security Administration Office You can go to your local social security office. Their staff is used to completing applications for disability. They will assist you with the application. An Attorney Going to an attorney to receive information about illness and social security disability is be your best bet. You will not be forced to stand in long lines for extended periods of time. You can make an appointment. An SSDI lawyer understands the rules and conditions for obtaining social security disability. The attorney can help you face to face, using terms that are easy to understand. A lawyer will work with your best interest in mind. If you are in the Columbus area and are seeking to hire a SSDI lawyer, the team at Jeffrey Buskirk & Associates would be more than happy to help.

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