Lower the Cost of a Divorce

For couples that want to lower the cost of  divorce, you can lower the cost of divorce with a  dissolution of marriage can prove attractive. However, knowing the requirements of a dissolution can be confusing.

Before you invest too much time in trying to obtain a  dissolution for you and your spouse, it is important that you know the requirements.  If you fail to meet even one of these requirements, you will be unable to legally acquire a  dissolution, The requirements are as follows: * Neither spouse is pregnant. * One of the spouses must have been living within the state during the past six months. * Both parties must legally agree to using the  dissolution procedure. * Provisions for the division of property must have been agreed to by both spouses before filing for a dissolution. * Both spouses must agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken. * Each party must agree to of the following aspects of the dissolution procedure: * Both spouses are required to attend the  dissolution hearing. * Support, and other financial needs may not be brought up after the dissolution has been finalized. Do I Need an Attorney? Although an attorney is not required to successfully complete a dissolution of marriage, it is highly recommended. Without the proper legal help, it can be difficult to navigate the process in a successful manner. Additionally, a talented divorce law attorney can help ensure that you are not being taken advantage of by the choice to enter a  dissolution procedure. If you feel you are ready to obtain a  dissolution , please contact the Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates .   We will dedicate ourselves to helping you navigate the sometimes-frustrating  dissolution proceedings.  Feel free to  call us now to set up a free consultation. With our help, we will help you understand what getting a simplified will mean to your life post-marriage, ensuring that you make the right decision during this important time in your life.

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