Winning Disability Hearings

Winning disability hearings in Ohio. A disability judge considers many factors. The following factors will improve your chances of winning. 1.  You must be credible.  The judge looks for inconsistencies in the record and your testimony. 2. You do not use illegal drugs. 3. You do not abuse alcohol. 4. You do not smoke. 5.  You  are over 50. 6.  You have never been in prison. 7.  You have a solid work record with many years of work. 8.  You have consistent medical treatment. 9.  You have the proper diagnostic testing. 10.  You follow doctors orders. 11.  You take medication as prescribed. 12. You have an experienced lawyer.  Lawyers can improve upon the weaknesses in you claim. Finally. Do not give up. The appeals process takes time. The process takes effort. Take to your lawyer to determine if you have a legitimate chance of winning. Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates has represented the disabled throughout Columbus,  Franklin County, and Ohio.   We have two full time disability lawyers.  We are conveniently located on Route 62 in Grove City, Ohio. We have over 25 years experience.  We serve all of Ohio.  Our clients come from Franklin County. Columbus,  Ohio, and other areas in Ohio.  We have clients from other Columbus suburbs. Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates works hard to satisfy clients. Jeffrey E. Buskirk & Associates would be glad to help.

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