Five Reasons to Hire a Probate Attorney in Ohio

The passing of a family member or loved one is an extremely difficult situation to go through, and takes its toll on everyone close to that person. However, after some time has passed, it becomes necessary to handle the affairs of the deceased, specifically those outlined in his or her Last Will and Testament, a legal document that describes the deceased’s wishes regarding the division of his or her property. In the will, the deceased person will have named a Personal Representative, or an executor, who is in charge of distributing the estate among the beneficiaries, usually the family of the deceased. If you are named as a Personal Representative, or even as a beneficiary, it can be difficult to know what to do or how to proceed. That’s where a probate attorney comes in – to make your life, and the lives of those affected, easier. Here are five reasons to hire a probate attorney: 1. Help the Personal Representative. If you are named as the executor of an estate, it can be overwhelming to know what to do or where to begin. A probate attorney is specifically trained, and has all of the necessary experience, to guide you through the process. 2. Help the beneficiaries. If you are on the receiving end of the deceased’s property, hiring a probate attorney can ease your mind and make sure that the will of your family member or loved one is executed per his or her wishes. You can rest easy knowing that a probate attorney is taking good care of your affairs. 3. Fit the law to the state. Each state has different laws regarding the execution of a will; for example, in Ohio, there are different procedures for estates termed “small estates” (those worth less than $35,000) and “large estates”. Your Grove City probate attorney can help you through the laws for the state of Ohio specifically. 4. Determine what to do without a will. If there is no will, the probate court still has to decide what to do with the deceased’s property, in which case a probate attorney is invaluable. He or she can guide the family of the deceased through the court process, which involves filing paperwork and paying fees with the Ohio Probate Court. 5. Take it to court. If there is a disagreement about what to do with the estate of the deceased, a probate attorney can take the case to court and help work through the issue and represent the family of the deceased. If you live in Ohio, call your local Grove City probate attorney Buskirk & Associates.

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