Family Law in Ohio Changing With Society

Family law in Ohio changing as society changes.  In the 1950s, the concept of a “nuclear” family was fairly recognizable in American society. A mother, father, and two children, ideally a son and a daughter, was perceived as the “ideal” family structure. This was because it was believed that the small family unit, with an equal number of genders, would yield the best results as far as how well the children would adapt and thrive in modern society. Although this idea was popularized during the “Atomic Age” of the 50’s, the term “nuclear”  actually refers to the idea of a family revolving around a nucleus or a mother and father. Unfortunately, most people do not conform to “nuclear” family standards. Multiple parents, extended families and step parents are much more prevalent than the traditional family structure. Is this a good thing? Experts agree that the higher the diversity of the family, the better it is for the children, as they learn much more social skills than they would with such a tight-knit group. So where does a law office fit into all of this? These days, there is a high frequency of blended families, which consist of parents raising children that are not their biological offspring, but rather products of a previous relationship. As a result, sometimes there can be legal hurdles to overcome to ensure that the family unit remains as intact as possible. Divorce, child custody, emancipation, child support; these are all circumstances that are handled by a lawyer specializing in Family law. Should you require such services, it’s important to know what the law is for your particular state. In Ohio, when it comes to divorce proceedings, the state allows for a no-fault filing. This means that either spouse does not have to provide adequate evidence for a divorce, instead citing “incompatibility”. If there are children involved in the divorce, the state may require reconciliation therapy for both the parents and the children, and will not finalize the decision until a report has been filed regarding the outcome of such treatment. While it would be ideal for every family to live and thrive on its own without having to engage in legal issues, it is, unfortunately, a prevalent reality in the modern age. Should you be confronted with such a decision, let our law offices in Columbus guide you through this process to make it as smooth and trouble-free as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to assist you with any legal advice or services.

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