Five People You Will Encounter During Divorce

The five people you will encounter during divorce include your spouse, your your attorney, your spouse’s attorney, guardian ad litem, and divorce court judge.   A divorce can be a confusing process because of the number of people that you meet and encounter.  They all play a roll in the process. It is important to anticipate what these people may be like and how you will be expected to deal with them, in order to avoid any complications down the road. 1. Your spouse The first of five people you will encounter during divorce is your spouse.  Direct communication with your spouse may be too emotionally difficult. If such is the case, you can  speak through your attorneys. However, this is an extremely time-consuming and difficult process.  If you simply talk to your spouse directly, have a plan for how you will deal with him or her. Do not verbally attack your spouse.  Remember to stay cordial and professional.  Keeping in mind that you have mutual interests such as finances and children. 2. Your attorney The second of five people you will encounter during divorce is your attorney. Your attorney is the person that will help you through legal, financial, and personal matters during your divorce. An attorney’s job is to work with you through every step of the divorce process in Ohio, from helping you decide when to file, finalizing child custody agreements and child support payments. If necessary, your attorney will argue your case in court before a judge. 3. Your spouse’s attorney The third of five people you will encounter during divorce is your spouse’s attorney.  Although interactions with your spouse’s attorney will mostly be through your  attorney, you should still expect to meet your spouse’s attorney.   Do not reveal any personal information that may damage your case unless instructed by your attorney. 4. Your guardian ad litem (court appointed attorneys) If you have children, the fourth of five people you will encounter during divorce is a guardian ad litem.  If a guardian ad litem is assigned by a judge to your case, they will make recommendations as to what is in the  best interest of the children. 5. Your divorce court judge The fifth of five people you will encounter during divorce is the judge.  You will interact with the judge indirectly through your attorney.   Personalities of judges vary from judge to judge.  The judge in your  case may be understanding, apathetic; lenient in the courtroom,  a stickler for the rules; or possess any number of different qualities that may help or harm your case.  Remember that the judge is a neutral third party. The judge  will make a decision based on the evidence presented by both sides.   Do not get angry with your judge.  Refrain from interacting directly with the judge unless instructed.

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