Finding a Divorce Attorney

Are you about to enter a divorce? More than anything else, you should be focusing on finding an attorney that will represent your needs in the way that makes you feel most comfortable. To help those about to enter a divorce trial, here are five qualities you should consider about any attorney before hiring them:

1. Availability

Every firm has a different load of clients they will be dealing with. Depending on the intensity of your needs during your divorce proceedings, you may want to consider how often you will be able to consult with/seek advice from your chosen divorce attorney. If you have tons of complicated paperwork, and asset records to look through, for example, you may want an attorney with the ability to focus more on your case.

2. Experience

Looking at past cases and how long an attorney has been in business is always recommended. Additionally, seeking past clients to get honest testimonials from them can be useful. Be sure to avoid hiring attorneys that simply do not have the amount of expertise that you feel comfortable with. 3. Expertise Every divorce attorney has certain specialty areas that they excel in, and they will often make you aware of them. Divorce is a complicated task to undergo, so depending on your needs; you may want to seek a divorce attorney with a certain expertise. For cases that are dealing with difficult to navigate child custody issues, for example, you will want to find a divorce attorney with plenty of experience navigating the world of child custody laws.

4. Cost

Finding a divorce attorney you can afford is important, as post-divorce you are likely to experience at least mild financial struggles at first. Attorney costs are always presented upfront, so make sure you know what budget you can afford before going in for a consultation. Ultimately, it should be very easy to ensure you hire an attorney that won’t leave you financially insecure.

5. Personality

You will be spending a lot of time consulting this attorney with personal issues, so finding an attorney that you feel comfortable with is ideal. The more you can relax around your attorney, the more successfully you can communicate with them.

At Jeff Buskirk & Associates, we pride ourselves at excelling in all of these areas and more! IF you want qualified, friendly, affordable, and experienced divorce attorney services, we have you covered. Please contact us and we will set up a free consultation to help walk you through your options before your divorce trial!

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