Should I Sign a Prenuptial Agreement in Ohio?

Prenuptial agreements often get a reputation for unfairness. Unfortunately, those couples that fail to make terms of their divorce and asset separation clear within a prenuptial agreement may regret the decision later. When properly prepared, written, and presented, a prenuptial agreement can actually make a marriage less stressful, allowing it to be much stronger in the long run. And in the event that the marriage ends in divorce, it will protect both parties involved.

If you have family property, assets, or other valuables that would be devastating to lose, you need to sign a prenuptial agreement. By writing up an agreement that these items will remain in your custody, you can ensure that you will be able to file for divorce without fear of unfair retaliation from your spouse. For those that come from rich families, this can be particularly useful in saving yourself from the ill will of a spouse.

Many people will say that prenuptial agreements protect spouses that are unethical during a marriage, but the simple fact is that a court will ultimately decide if a prenuptial agreement remains valid. Certain aspects of why the divorce is occurring will factor into this decision, so you stay protected in extreme situations.

If you feel a prenuptial agreement is right for your marriage, it is important to be educated on what makes a prenup legally binding. In the case that you fail to follow these guidelines, the validity of your agreement, and the protection of your assets, may not be legally valid.

* No coercion may be used, and all signatures must be given voluntarily.

* All assets and liabilities must be fully disclosed.

* The agreement must be in writing.

* Both parties must execute the writing, alongside a witness.

* The agreement should be executed in a recordable format.

* No part of the agreement can be unconscionable.

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