Private Judge for Divorce-Franklin County, Ohio

Private Judge for Divorce-Franklin County, Ohio.  A private judge con make a divorce more simple and more affordable.  Your lawyer will not have to charge you for a trip to the Court House.   Private judges are more flexible.  Private judges may be able to schedule your divorce hearing to fit the schedule of you and your spouse.  You eliminate the  long line of attorneys and clients waiting to see the judge. You do not have to deal with downtown traffic.. You do not have to worry about downtown parking at the courthouse.    A divorce with a private judge is legal and valid. A divorce with a traditional judge is expensive. Attorneys charge for waiting in line at the Court house.   Divorce is time consuming. Divorces are also emotionally draining.  Divorce cases in Franklin County, Ohio are set on the Court docket at the same time as other divorce hearings.  You are in a line to see the judge.  Your emotions may be high and you may feel vulnerable.   The Courts may not be flexible if you cannot make it to a hearing. Ohio law permits the use of a private judge. Both parties must agree. If both parties agree to a private judge, then the original Court must transfer the case to the private judge. While divorce is never emotionally easy, a private judge may eliminate some of the stress.   You have scheduling flexibility.  You do not have to wait in a lengthly line at the Court House.  The hearing can be held in the privacy of an attorney’s office.  You do not have to worry about the parking meter. Jeffrey E. Buskirk and Associates have a long history of using private judges in divorce cases and dissolution cases. Call Jeffrey E. Buskirk and Associates at 614 875-7220 for a free consultation for an affordable divorce with a private  judge.  

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